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Where to go and what to do with children during the autumn holidays

And there is not much time for joint trips. Why not go by train, bus or fly to the fall break somewhere, where you can come off so that everyone will be delighted? In this article, we will talk about what to do for children in famous tourist cities and countries.


You can’t entice children in Sochi by the sea ​​and the sun in November, but Sochi Park is open in this most famous Russian resort town, and this magnet is much more attractive. Sochi Park is one of the 25 best amusement parks in Europe and we can say that this is similar to Disneyland Black Sea, but instead of cartoon characters, Russian fairy tales rule the ball. Extreme slide “Quantum Leap”, the highest in Russia free-fall “Firebird”, family rafting, roundabouts for kids and a Ferris wheel with Olympic views – a subscription for the whole day and for all entertainment costs 1250 rubles for children and 1550 for adults (when buying a ticket on the park website – the price is lower). With older children, you can walk around the Olympic Park and go to Krasnaya Polyana.


There are many interesting places on the Iberian Peninsula, but the Costa Dorada, the northeast coast of the Mediterranean, can be called the leader in welcoming guests with children. Not far from Barcelona is the resort town of La Pineda and in it the famous acropolis water amusement park. In addition to the dizzying heights of the hills and the enchanting dolphin show, there is a sports complex that teenagers will enjoy.

Salou, another resort town on the Costa Dorada, offers to visit the famous Port Aventura Park with six theme parks and lots of entertainment. Not far from Madrid, there is the Warner Brothers Park with five thematic zones, and in Barcelona, it hosts the largest aquarium in Europe. At the same time with the entertainment you can go shopping: not far from Barcelona there is a huge outlet of La Roca Village, where there are not only boutiques and goods with grand discounts but also large entertainment areas for children.


Israel is a country with a rich past and it is not surprising that even children’s entertainment here is marked by history. For example, in Jerusalem there is a “Lift of time”: a half-hour 5D walk into the past, and even small children do not get bored in the chairs – the effect of presence is created not only by sounds and video but also by gusts of wind, splashes of water and a feeling of falling or flying.

In Tel Aviv, Meimadion is opened – the largest water park in the country with artificial sea waves and Luna Park, where there are not only attractions, but also a driving school for the smallest ones, where guys, after taking a course on the rules of the road and, having passed the exam, can get their first “rights”. Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, there is an amazing Mini-Israel park, in which all the sights of the Promised Land are presented in miniature. In Eilat, you can visit the “Dolphin Reef”, where dolphins do not train, but simply watch them in natural conditions.

Paris Disneyland

European Disneyland is located 32 kilometers from the capital of France. On the vast territory, there are two legendary amusement parks at once: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Paris. In Disneyland, there are 5 themed areas: Adventure Country, Borderland, USA Main Road (shops and restaurants), Discovery Country and Fantasy Land. At Walt Disney Studios, the focus is on film and television, where children can visit the set, plunge into the world of animation and take a walk along Hollywood Boulevard. An important caveat: a lot of tourists come to the amusement park and therefore long lines are lining up at the ticket office. In order not to spend half an hour to buy a ticket for an attraction, you can take a fast pass (quick ticket) or hire a VIP guide. A five-minute drive from the park is La Vallee Village outlet, where there is also plenty of entertainment.


The smallest kids should like the park “Fiabilandia” in the resort town of Rimini – the oldest park in the country (opened in 1966) for kids, where there are a lot of attractions designed for children from 3 to 9 years old. Mirabilandia between Rimini and Ravena is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. If you leave the resort area to the north, you can combine the pleasant with the practical: visit Genoa in the second largest aquarium in Europe with 70 reservoirs in which the inhabitants of the waters found on the way of Christopher Columbus swim. And at the same time, you can get to Fidenza Village Outlet an hour away from the city, where more than 100 boutiques of famous Italian brands are located, and products for children can be bought with a 70% discount.


Prague- this is generally one big attraction, and for children, it looks like a fabulous city with real ancient castles in which princes and princesses could live. Walk with them along the Golden Lane, which is so similar to the scenery for a fairy tale, take a ride on the tourist tram, which began work at the beginning of the last century, or goes on a river walk along the Vltava. In the summer you can go to the Children’s island of entertainment. It is curious that even the water park here is called the palace – Aquapalace. This is the largest family water park in Central Europe, there are also paddling pools for kids, and a pirate ship, and a spa for moms. Surely, the kids will be delighted with the toy museum, where dolls of different centuries are collected, and the dinosaur park (the figures stand under the open sky), the Black Shadow Theater and the Minor Children’s Theater.


The Vienna Prater amusement park has been open since 1766, there are traditional roundabouts and the famous Ferris wheel (which has become the symbol of the Austrian capital), and the most modern attractions. The Schönbrunn Zoo, the oldest existing zoo in the world, was opened in 1752. A very large (1.5 hectares) water park around the old water tower in Vienna offers not only entertainment but also sightseeing tours. Teenagers can spend the whole day in the Museum of Natural History, especially if they get to special children’s lectures. 30 minutes from the city there is a huge Designer Outlet Parndorf, where, in addition to designer items, sports clothes and clothes suitable for school are sold at a big discount.


Stockholm, the city where Carlson lives, is truly a city of children. The government is serious about developing children’s infrastructure. Even in adult places, you can always find a room for small ones, and in institutions, for kids, it will be interesting for parents too. For example, the oldest open-air museum, Skansen, tells about the life of Sweden in past centuries: bread is being baked right before your eyes, glass is being blown out, you can visit a fisherman’s home or a landowner’s manor. The museum has a zoo with local animals and an aquarium with inhabitants of the northern seas. The interactive museum Junibacken is a meeting place for the heroes of the fairy tales Astrid Lingren, and even three-year-old children can put scientific experiments in the center of science “Tom Tits Experiment”. Museums of ancient weapons, Vasa wreck.

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