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Night at the museum_ how to stay in the house of a classic American painting

But, if you win an auction on October 15 (auction page ), organized by the Edward Hopper House Center for the Arts, then you will have the right to spend the night in the artist’s bedroom.

Edward Hopper (1882-1967) dreamed of becoming a book illustrator, worked as an advertising designer and gained fame as one of the most popular American artists thanks to his paintings inspired by New York and its inhabitants. In his works, they look disappointed, lonely, devastated – like frozen people in bars, cafes, and hotels. The personal exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1933 brought Hopper a huge success and worldwide fame. After this exhibition, the artist was accepted to the National Academy of Drawing. Hopper is called “a dreamer without illusions” and “a poet of empty spaces.” He painted piercingly lifeless interiors and landscapes: railways, on which one cannot go anywhere, night cafes, in which one cannot escape from solitude. For example, “Night owls” (“Nighthawks”) – one of his most famous works. Hopper is said to be the favorite artist of director David Lynch.

Edward Hopper’s room in which the auction winner can spend the night

A born and under 28 years old, Hopper lived in the city of Nayek in New York State at the home of his maternal grandfather John Smith. After Edward left for New York, his sister stayed in the house with his family, to whom the artist often came. Since 1971, the Edward Hopper House Art Center has been opened here. Recently, the center, thanks to the work of architect Walter Kane and interior designer Ernest de la Torre, restored the painter’s bedroom in the style of the relevant era: a wide wooden bed and bedside table, a chest of drawers with a desk lamp and books, a fireplace, an artist’s work corner with an easel and paints. Fans of Hopper know that the natural light of the room in the morning and the view of the Hudson River had a strong influence on the artist’s work, and visitors who arrive here early in the morning will be able to see the play of light familiar from the canvas “Morning Sun” (1952). In addition, Hopper lovers will be able to purchase the right to spend the night in this room at auction. The proceeds will go to educational initiatives of the center, working in local schools, and the organization of educational space in the “House of Edward Hopper.”The online auction has already started and will run until the morning of October 15, and the results will be determined at the auctions that evening in the “House of Edward Hopper”. The interior exposition is open to the public until May 31, 2017. If you fail to win the auction, you can stay very close, half a mile from the house of the artist at The Time Hotel Nyack.

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