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Five lakes that fulfill wishes

The healing properties of some of them were confirmed by scientific facts over time, while others remained superstitions. In any case, if you like fresh mountain air, untouched nature and hiking, why not combine business with pleasure, and what if it works?

Karakol lakes will cure diseases

In Northern Altai. There are many myths and legends, and the Karakol lakes, stretching along the western slope of the Ilogo mountain range, have their own history. The lowest lake is at an altitude of 1820 meters above sea level and the path to it lies through the taiga. It is called the “lake of spirits,” and it is believed that the disembodied guards hide during the day in the icy depths, and at night come ashore. According to the legend, only those who are allowed to spirits will be able to swim in the lake and the lake water will wash away all diseases from it. Plunge into the lake and the truth is not everyone can – the glaciers at the bottom do not allow the water to warm even in summer; in mid-July, the air temperature is usually 10–12 C and water is close to zero. Legends also do not lie about the healing properties of water – a high concentration of silver ions helps with skin diseases, that is, external diseases are really “washed away” in the lake.

Nesamovite help find love

Translated from the Ukrainian lake bears the name “Furious.” This small glacial lake is only one of many high-mountain lakes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. According to one of the many legends surrounding Nesamovite, it is believed that under the lake there is a place where the weather is created in the mountains, and if you throw a stone into the water or swim completely, you can click a thunderstorm. But another sign is more interesting and more pleasant – they say that if you wash your face with water from a lake, you will meet your love by the end of the year. Lake Nesamovite is a popular staging post for those who cross the Montenegrin ridge, so there is a high probability of meeting not only his other half but also someone with common interests: one who loves nature, mountain air and trekking is exactly the same, as you.

Hrid will bring luck in marriage

Another lake, promising success in amorous affairs, hid in the mountains in the south-east of Montenegro. It is believed that if you come to the lake before the wedding and throw a coin at it, then the marriage will be accompanied by endless luck and happiness. Those who prefer to act with certainty are not limited to a coin but bathe in the refreshing, crystal clear water of Lake Ohrid.

Crimson Lake will help with the heirs

During the meal at the table of Catherine II, guests were offered to salt the dishes with outlandish pink salt, which caused surprise among foreigners. It was mined on the Crimson Lake, located in the Kulunda Steppe at the foot of the Altai Mountains. Then this place was difficult to reach, and now many tourists from all over Russia come here. Local belief says that swimming in the lake has a beneficial effect on women’s health and fertility. The water in the Crimson Lake is indeed pink, thanks to a special type of phytoplankton that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The healing properties are not associated with romantic color, but with mineralization, which rejuvenates the skin and heals inflammation.

Segara Anak will fulfill any desire

Magic Lake Segara Anak does not specialize in anything, but simply fulfills any desire of someone who got to him and performed a simple ritual: he went into the lake, whispered water about his dream and dived headlong. The water in the lake is refreshing, but not icy, as it is located in the crater of the active volcano Rinzhani on the Indonesian island of Lombok. Standard three-day trekking includes a climb to the edge of a crater, a descent to the caldera with an overnight stay on the shore of the lake and an ascent, so there’s plenty of time to think about what to think on the way. Resist the temptation to make a hot bath, it is already nearby – natural hot springs here form a chain of small lakes with an ideal temperature.

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