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7 ideal places for female romantic tourism

This is a more subtle matter. Article by blog. As a rule, a woman will not use ready-made solutions to the sex industry, whether it be organized tours or sex shows on which they could choose a partner. Moreover, usually, a woman does not pay in cash, she would prefer to present a gift to the sex industry worker or to compensate for some of his living expenses.

The history of female sex tourism began in Rome somewhere near the end of the 1840s, but now a new boom is occurring. Here is the usual scenario: a wealthy white woman goes for an affair to the south, say, the Caribbean islands or something just as exotic. Most often, this is a wealthy single woman in years who are looking for romance and sex with a partner on vacation, who knows how to surround her with care and let her feel special. Men get into the industry for the sake of sex, expensive gifts, and monetary benefits. Women themselves are not usually considered sex tourism. Rather, it should be called a holiday romance. The following is a list of ideal places that entice beautiful travelers who are looking for an ardent intrigue on vacation:


Male prostitutes in Jamaica are sometimes called “big bamboo” or “sled-punk.” Women find dark-skinned beauties from Jamaica unusually attractive. There is also a stereotype according to which dark-skinned men are extraordinarily courageous and sexually attractive. That in itself spurs the fantasy of travelers about strong, skilled lovers. It goes without saying that women buy them clothes, pay in restaurants and just have a good time. And men, for their part, flaunt the ability to caress a woman in conversation and give her a sense of her own peculiarity.

Bali (Indonesia)

Another favorite place for sex tourists. Gigolo here is called “cowboys Kuta” (from the Indian word meaning lascivious dog) for their athletic physique and steep amorousness of love. These bronze-skinned Indonesian men try their best to lure women to the beaches. Every year, thousands of women flock to Bali, attracted by muscular bodies. This is a real paradise for ladies seeking solitude in luxury villas (of which there is full) with stunning views from the window. Here, women can have fun with anyone they want, go to parties, hire their own chef who will please them, and, of course, find an intimate adventure on the beach.

The Gambia

This beautiful country in West Africa is very quickly becoming a favorite place for middle-aged Europeans who are looking for romance and intimacy with black handsome men. These guys are easily recognizable by the jeans on the hips and bright T-shirts or vests. Having occupied the approaches to hotels and beaches, these boys are trying to glue travelers with sticky phrases. Since the Gambia is a very poor country, it’s common for young people to dream of escaping such poverty. Women also have the opportunity to relax under the local sun, away from everyday work and everyday stress.


Jordan quickly acquires the reputation of the main sexual attraction for lovers of the Muslim exotic. Dating and sex without commitment to the Western model are not honored. Among the desert resorts, there are several oases, like Petra, where women, eager for corrupt sex, can find a partner. However, the very culture of sex tourism here is somewhat different from the Caribbean islands or Africa. Women risk falling under the spell of mysterious Bedouins, and the desert nature will only inflame their internal heat. Pay for sex is not accepted here, most often, such cases lead to long-term relationships.

Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is known to the whole world for its beautiful beaches and nightlife. Well, it is also one of the capitals of sex tourism for people of any preference. And on Phuket just good rest. Intimate services are provided here not only by women. Finding a prostitute is also very easy. Therefore, any woman can enjoy a vacation full of beautiful beaches, massage parlors, exotic local cuisine, lively nightlife and, of course, the opportunity to get to know Thai men better.


Greece attracts wanderers from time immemorial, all thanks to its rich history, the Mediterranean coast, and beautiful beaches. Male prostitutes here are called “Kamaki”, which means “fishing harpoon”. Southern Europe has long been a place for single women. Here in Greece, these ladies have the opportunity to have a good time exploring the countless beaches with crystal clear water, enjoying the local cuisine and the company of a beautiful Greek youth.

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