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5 cities for cross-country travel

The thought of traveling truly invigorates in the early morning under a piercing wind, and the race itself, combined with the trip, will surely bring satisfaction. And just running in a new city is a new experience: the speed of perception and attentiveness on the run increase, you notice the new and you recognize the city from an unexpected side. We have selected the top five cities for runs and races.


Romantic Paris – long beaten cliche. But Paris running? It is a rare case when, having arrived in the city of bakeries for a weekend, you can not suffer from a sense of guilt, and you can safely eat croissants as part of a healthy lifestyle and preparation for the race (or awards for the morning kilometers along the embankment). Running in Paris is a pleasure that early in the morning, around the glass pyramid of the Louvre and through the empty Tuileries Garden, that evening, along the embankments, past dozens of companies with wine. But the most pleasant, perhaps, is to come to the big spring run. In early March, a half-marathon starts in Paris with the start of the Vincennes Forest, with a route through the city and back to the forest. By this time, daffodils are blooming on the way, and it’s not hot to run yet. And in early April – the time of the Paris Marathon, starting from the Arc de Triomphe. On the way, there are not only all the sights, but the food items are not with the classic bananas and water for the races, but red wine and Breton cider. What is successful: it comes closer to the finish and really gives strength in the last kilometers.

2. San Francisco

Running in California is a kind of religion or hygienic procedure, how to look. He has long become a habit and has become a daily routine for adepts, like brushing teeth, but remains a hot topic for disputes between runners and those who do not run. In this regard, San Francisco, with its steep hills and grave distances, seems impregnable to a beginner – it seems that only iron pros can overcome such lifts on the run. At the same time, running along completely flat sidewalks along the quays and piers or along the famous bridge seems even tempting to those who have never run. The main race in the city – a marathon that takes place in July – runs along the highway, which includes hills and highways along the ocean, and magnificent parks with huge trees and constant fogs.

3. New York

The cradle and epicenter of the development of mass jogging around the world – of course, New York. It was from here, from Central Park, that the race as a hobby of hundreds of thousands of people spread throughout the world. Arriving in New York, going for a run in the park seems to be just as important a point as walking along the Brooklyn Bridge or entering the MET. At the same time, Central Park is not the most beautiful running route. Along the perimeter of Manhattan are running and cycle paths: the most beautiful sunsets in the city can be seen at an evening jog along the Hudson. And to run the morning five kilometers through the High Line Park – along the former railway tracks over the city streets – this is the best way to start the day. The marathon in New York is held on the first Sunday of November and goes through all five districts of the city. This is the most important, lively, emotional marathon in the world – for about 50 thousand participants about two million people take to the streets to cheer.

4. London

In England, not only the most eccentric fashion, running there is the most unusual. It is here that the most developed charity races in incredible costumes in support of hundreds of funds. These races are held on any weekend in dozens of parks in London. In addition, it was in England that the park run movement was born – conditionally competitive five-kilometer runs on Saturdays at 9 am, which are held in any weather in hundreds of cities around the world. In London there is a tradition of run commute — clerks running to work with a backpack and business suit; There is a running Club Breakfast Club, with paid runs on Saturdays, followed by a brunch. Of the dozens of London races, there are three. This is the London Marathon on the last weekend of April – there will be not only military bands, Big Ben and bridges over the Thames, but also hundreds of notorious charity runners in carnival costumes. The second standing race – July 10 kilometers – is available because of the distance to beginners and takes place in the city center. And the half marathon Hackney Half in the most fashionable and hipster area of ​​the city in the East. The composition of the runners – funny bearded men and models, on the way all the trendy cafes with the best coffee and craft beer, on the track – only good music.

5. St. Petersburg

To go on a running trip, it is not necessary to get a visa. Go to Peter for the weekend always seems like a great idea, and running can be another good reason to do it. Not only that running can help win the bad weather (running in the drizzling rain is much more pleasant than walking), it will also give a chance to photograph an absolutely empty Palace Square if you run out at dawn. It is always possible to sleep later. The main race in St. Petersburg is the White Nights Marathon, which takes place in the city at the end of June. But the most worthwhile – not an easy January marathon and half-marathon Road of Life. He is walking along that same blockade road of life, which in winter is Ladoga Lake covered with ice and snow, through the forest and along the highway, with a finish near the monument “The Flower of Life”. Hot tea and buckwheat porridge at the finish seem tastier than anything in the world.

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