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30 little-known places to visit at least once in a lifetime

Often travel turns into sightseeing on the list. Is it boring Then you should pay attention to natural or man-made masterpieces, which are not so popular that reference books start with them and tourists crowded around them?

  1.  Surf in the center of Munich, in the English Park, on the waves of the stormy Aishen brook.
  2.  Drink tea in the rainforest in central London inside the concrete building of the Barbican Arts Center.
  3.  Walkthrough the longest (3.2 km) labyrinth at Longleat estate in Wiltshire, England.
  4. To get up in Prague by a funicular to Petřín Hill and take a walk in the garden of lavenders and roses. Get on the steel structure, which is called the little Eiffel Tower.
  5.  Swim under a waterfall in the stunning Krka National Park in Croatian Dalmatia.
  6. Take a ride on the surf on the sand dunes near the small Peruvian village of Huacachin, a true oasis in the heart of the desert.
  7. Visit the village of Shirakawa-go on the Japanese island of Honshu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All the charming village cottages are examples of traditional gassho-zukuri architecture.
  8. To see giant Magnetic termite mounds in the north of Australia, which are compared to compasses: narrow edges point strictly north and south, and wide edges point east and west.
  9. Walk to the magnificent natural source “Blue Eye”, located near the town of Saranda in Albania.
  10. Visit the northernmost part of Denmark on the beach of Cape Green, near the town of Skagen. The Cape is washed by two seas: the Northern and the Baltic.
  11. Explore the intricate network of Phong-nya caves in Vietnam, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  12. Pass by Lake Bled in Slovenia and pay attention to the not so popular, but no less impressive Lake Bohinj.
  13. Meet the dawn in the march to the active volcano Rinjani on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.
  14. Order a boat tour of the Lost Sea: a large (1, 5 hectare) underground lake near the city of Sweetwater in the US state of Tennessee.
  15. Take an open-air thermal bath in the town of Baños in Ecuador, famous for its hot springs and twin waterfalls.
  16. Take a picture on the market square against the background of even rows of colorful old buildings in the Polish city of Poznan.
  17. Walk along the footbridge in the old Hungarian fishing village on the non-freezing Lake Bokod, where all the houses are on stilts.
  18. Swim between the wonderful waterfalls near the village of Carbost on the Scottish island of Skye.
  19. Visit Setenil de las Bodegas in Andalusia (Spain) – the city is built right in the rock and pieces of rock serve as a roof for houses.
  20. Rent a canoe in the village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands, known as the Dutch Venice – instead of streets, there are canals.
  21. Keep and not dive into the neon-green sulfuric lake in the National Park “Country of Won-O-Tapu thermal wonders” in New Zealand.
  22. Avoid crowds in Stonehenge by choosing Mahri Moore’s Stone Circles on the peat wastelands of the Scottish island of Arran instead.
  23. Rate the super modern design of the Bodies Isios winery building in the La Rioja region of Spain.
  24. Dodge Staubbach Falls, which plunges its stream right next to the church and houses in the Swiss village in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.
  25. Admire the intricate patterns that adorn houses and churches in the village of Pyrgi, on the Greek island of Chios.
  26. Pause with delight, looking at the fabulous Basilica of Las Lajas, built on a bridge over a gorge near the Colombian city of Hypalez.
  27. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, where not only the walls but all the furniture, including the beds, are made of ice.
  28. Find the burial of the ancient Greek ruler Amintas among Lycian tombs built on the mountainside in Fethiye ( Turkey ).
  29. To believe that this is not a dream, but a reality, looking at the grotto with an unusually bright blue water in Brus National Park in Ontario (Canada).

Rate panorama emerald tea plantation, located at an altitude of 2500 meters near the town of Munnar in India.

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