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10 of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica

Bays, fishing villages, coves and hundreds of beaches on the coast. We will tell you about the most beautiful beaches on this amazing island.

1. Rondinara (Rondinara)

The most beautiful beach of the island and the third most beautiful beach of Europe is located in a bay on the southern coast of Corsica and is distinguished by the fact that it resembles a seashell in shape. Rondinara is a favorite beach for families with children, with the finest sand and always calm bright turquoise water. The beach is located 18 kilometers north of the city of Bonifacio. Parking is paid and costs € 5.

2. Palomabadzha (Palomabaggia)

One of the best beaches on the island, which managed to preserve the pristine beauty, despite the increasing flow of tourists. The wide white-sand beach on both sides is surrounded by red granite rocks and a thick pine forest. Great place, beloved and local, and tourists, in the summer it is crowded. It is located 12 kilometers south of Porto-Vecchio, from where a bus goes straight to the beach in summer. Nearby there are both paid and free parking.

3. Santa Giulia (Santa-Guilia)

This wide two-kilometer beach is located 7 kilometers along the coast from Porto-Vecchio. We are very fond of tourists for the fact that in addition to the crystal clear water and white sand there are restaurants, sun loungers, and deck chairs, catamarans and water skis. Its only drawback is the neighborhood with a dozen hotels whose guests strive to occupy all the places in the high season.

4. Rokkapina (Roccapina)

This beach in the very south of the island is ideally located: long and wide, it is protected from the wind by a mountain range and is surrounded by a pine forest. The road to the beach goes through the low mountains. The highest point of the path is the Lion de Roccapina rock hanging over the beach, which offers a panoramic view of the coast and forest thickets. The beach is located 22 kilometers from Sarten. Due to the fact that it is located away from the main roads of the island, it is more difficult to get here, but there are also fewer tourists.

5. Saleccia (Saleccia)

Getting to Saleccia is not easy – the beach is located in the depths of the Agriates desert and most of all looks like a tropical lagoon. The beach is wild, with fine white sand and crystal clear water, followed by dunes covered with juniper and surrounded by forest. It should be warned that this beach is very fond of nudists, they occupy half of its territory.

6. Barcaggio

A small beach north of Cap Corse, in the small commune of Ers. The beach offers a magnificent view of the island of Giraglia, where sailors once lived. Barkaggio is popular with families with children because of the shallow and gentle entrance to the sea. The beach is surrounded by a nature reserve with high dunes along which wild cows walk.

7. Brave

One of the largest beaches in Corsican, where there is enough space for everyone, which is especially pleasing in the high season. Nearby there are several small bays and eucalyptus forests. Dogs on a leash and picnics are allowed on the beach; from parking to the beach is a gentle descent. Located near the town of Linguizetta on the east coast of Corsica.

8. Nontsa (Nonza) The

huge beach, where the sand is mixed with black stones with a metallic tinge. Due to the contrast between the metallic color of the pebbles and the turquoise water, the Nonsa is considered the most unusual beach on the west coast of Corsica. You can reach it by going down 500 steps from the village of Nontsa, from where a beautiful view of the beach and surroundings opens up.

9. Campomoro (Campomoro)

A large beach located in a bay and protected from wind and waves. You can get here, half a kilometer from the parking lot, along a narrow path where you can meet wild sheep, donkeys, and cows. Dolphins often swim in the bay, and myriads of colorful fish swim very close to the shore. The beach has a medical center, a bar, volleyball courts, and a petanque.

10. Arona (Arona)

Sandy beach, framed by pink rocks, 12 kilometers from the city of Piana. To it leads the most scenic road on the island, ending with free parking. On the beach doing all kinds of water sports. There are many good restaurants nearby. This beach is not recommended to visit with small children: the entrance to the sea is sharp and deep.

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